We Won! (BizTech Awards 2018)


Meet The Newest Outstanding Technology Team!

This week we were honored to be part of the BizTech Awards 2018 class, taking home the Outstanding Technology Team award. It’s so exciting to have our years of hard work recognized by such a prestigious publication. We’re sharing this aware with great companies such as Cover My Meds, SafeChain, JP Morgan Chase, UpDox, and tons of others doing great work in Columbus and beyond.

As we move forward with our goal of creating a Gaming and Creative Tech industry in Columbus and Ohio, honors like this really give us the sense that we’re on to something special.

Columbus Business First BizTech Awards (2018): https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2018/12/04/biztech-awards-2018-meet-the-winners.html

Chris Volpe